Topeka to Boulder . . . Not as Close as It Looks on the Map

I made it to Boulder and it's beautiful (but quite hot) but I nearly lost my mind in Kansas . . . and if you're a fan of Sentence of Dave, then you'll really appreciate this-- I got incredibly pissed off TWICE, once on each leg of my journey, each time when I realized I had an hour more to drive than I thought because of the time change (I hate time changes) as I was relying on the GPS, which based its ETA on adjusted time (and so I got pissed off at Central and Mountain time, respectively) and I also learned that listening to stand-up comedy album after stand-up comedy album, one after another, each angrier and edgier and more political and weird than the last, is a great way to stay alert, but also a recipe for going crazy, podcasts are a lot more mellow . . . anyway, here's how I killed eight hours yesterday:

1) Patton Oswalt Feelin' Kinda Patton;

2) Slanted and Enchanted Pavement;

3) Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots The Flaming Lips;

4) No Respect Rodney Dangerfield;

5) Fashion Nugget Cake;

6) Funkadelic America Eats Its Young;

7) Shame-Based Man Bruce McCulloch;

8) Sheryl Crow Tuesday Night Music Club;

9) Rant in E-Minor Bill Hicks;

10) Born to Run Bruce Springsteen . . . of course;

11) Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything;

12) The Test, episodes 34 and 37 . . .

and, yes-- I know it is narcissistic and absurd to listen to your  own podcast-- but I was really losing my mind and it was nice to hear the sound of my own voice, interacting normally with other people and here's a few things I chose not to do: I did NOT stop at Eisenhower's Boyhood Home and Library, nor did I care to take a gander at the World's Largest Czech Egg or the Kansas Auto Racing Museum . . . maybe next time, when I'm in a self-driving car, I'll have the robot driver pull over so I can check out the Czech egg.

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