They Skipped This One in Driver's Ed

Obviously drunk-driving and texting-while-driving are bad news, but neither of these is as dangerous as driving with a large hairy black spider on your leg (and the worst thing about this incident is that in my attempt to kill this spider, I endangered my own life and the well-being of everyone in the vicinity of my car, but I didn't actually squash it-- I was travelling forty-five miles an hour--,and it scurried under the floor mat, whereabouts unknown, lurking, waiting for another chance to clamber up my leg and cause more mayhem on the highway).


zman said...

I feel like you have at least one attacked-by-a-spider-while-driving sentence per year. I've never had this happen to me in 25 years of driving and I don't recall anyone else relaying such a story. Maybe you should stop keeping spider bait in your cars.

Dave said...

my car is pretty filthy-- i think there's a whole ecosystem in there

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