Seriously, Sirius?

So I'm walking my dog and it starts to rain and it's cold and damp and I'm hurrying home and he pulls me to a complete stop so he can urinate on a fire hydrant and I'm like really? that is so cliché and I tell him this, but it doesn't seem to make an impression-- so I guess it's actually a thing: dogs like to urinate on fire hydrants, even if it's raining (and my dog hates the rain and generally refuses to go out in it or stay out in it, so he must have desperately wanted to urinate on this fire hydrant).


zman said...

My friend has a chocolate lab and the door to his old condo was ten feet from a hydrant and his dog unleashed a torrent of piss on it every time he walked by. So maybe it's a lab thing.

Dave said...

my dog is half lab and he only does it half the time, so that makes sense.

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