Worst Song Ever

I'm pretty sure my friend and colleague Kevin is losing his mind; he forced me to watch the Miley Cyrus video for her song "Wrecking Ball," which he claimed is "a great pop song" and, apparently, he finds the video titillating as well . . . but I didn't find it sexy at all, it her attitude seems awkward and feigned -- and those white undies are matronly -- and, more importantly, I couldn't remember the melody of the tune two hours later (or any of the lyrics except "wrecking ball") and it's not like I'm immune to pop ear-worms, as I had that Kelly Clarkson song "Stronger" song stuck in my head for days.


zman said...

Past Dave would beat you up for having Kelly Clarkson stuck in your head. At a minimum he would throw you in the bowl.

Dave said...

past dave could definitely throw present dave into the bowl. the only thing present dave can do better than past dave is play guitar.

kevin said...

i can't stop thinking about that song

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