A Sentence Wherein I Give Chase to a Small Pod of Dolphins on my Paddle-board and Actually Catch Up With Them

I often see dolphins from a distance while riding on my stand-up paddleboard, but I've never been able to close in on them, because dolphins swim fast (and I paddle slow) . . . but last Wednesday morning I gave chase to three cetaceans -- who I am assuming are lazy or crippled -- because I actually caught up to them; they circled my board for a few minutes, curious and close enough to whack with my paddle (not that I go around whacking dolphins with a paddle) and so I have this to report: despite the whole "intelligent and friendly" archetype, dolphins are big and scary in the wild, and also prone to surface behind you and creepily expel air from their blowhole.


Clarence said...

Let's say "who I am assuming are lazy or have a disability."

zman said...

I expel air from my blowhole all the time but it isn't creepy. Just stinky. So I'm better than a dolphin.

Dave said...

i actually learned from a surfing instructor that they are probably juveniles, who are extra curious, and a mom protecting them. so no cripples or dolphins with disabilities.

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