The Real Question

Looking back, I have decided that I phrased yesterday's too moralistically . . . too much in the manner of Immanuel Kant's "ought," and the real question should be: how much do you help your children with their homework?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

When your kid is assigned to make a "sandwich" book report - 2 pieces of bread and meat, cheese and lettuce - each ingredient with a different part of the book report - you sit your kid down, have them write the report and then help them finish the cutting , pasting and assembling ASAP. Also you complain about how stupid the teacher is the whole time.

What I do spend a lot of time with is helping my 7th grader with proof reading. When will South Brunswick tell him not to end a sentence with preposition? Also, he has no idea where to put a comma.

I think I just opened myself up to proof reading by SoD readers.

Dave said...

winston churchhill on ending a sentence with a preposition: that is a rule up with which i shall not put.

so don't worry about it.

we just finished a game board with alex. a lot of gluing and pasting and cutting and typing. jesus! i suppose he learned persistence and fortitude.

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