Death Be Not Proud of A Turtle

The boys and I took a trip to Sandy Hook last Thursday, and despite the rain, poison ivy and mosquitoes, we had a good time, especially out on North Beach; Ian's highlight was the dead terrapin he found in a foamy and debris filled tide pool-- he poked it with a stick and when the head bobbed to the surface, we noticed that the eyes had been eaten out of the skull-- and this grisly image must have stuck with him because on the car ride home he said, "I'm proud that I found that turtle, but I'm not proud that it was dead and had no eyes."


Whitney said...

Dave, I'm proud of the taco resurgence I see you have found of late. I was getting worried.

Dave said...

nothing like taco night and leftover taco night to bump up the count. and if you've been watching closely, i'm always chipping away at it-- including ordering fish tacos at the skylark diner, an odd diner choice, but they turned out to be delicious. i plan to eat number 200 on new year's eve (and then never eat another taco again).

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