Didja Know #2 (Brought To You by Charles C. Mann)

Didja know that you can live healthily on potatoes and milk-- the potato provides every nutrient except vitamin A and D-- and so Irish workers often lived solely on potatoes (12 pounds a day) and milk . . . you also might not know (but the Andean Indians do) that if you leave potatoes outside to freeze and thaw repeatedly-- which ruptures the cell walls-- and then squeeze the water out of them and cure them in the sun, that you have produced squishy blobs that when cooked in stew resembles gnocchi.


Whitney said...

Wait a minute -- if you leave a vegetable outside for a long time and then squeeze it really hard it will be a squishy blob??????? This is shocking. Just uncanny.

Thank goodness you read this book to advise us!

Dave said...

shut up and eat your squishy vegetables.

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