7/27/10 An Antagonistic Encounter with a NAVY Seal . . . or maybe not.

After dinner, I was waiting outside a sushi place with a friend when an SUV whipped around the corner of the parking lot and nearly hit a middle-aged guy walking across the road, and the middle aged guy yelled "Asshole!" at the SUV and the driver of the SUV yelled "Suck my dick!" and the middle aged guy yelled "It's too small!" and the driver, a young guy got out and started advancing toward the older guy and my friend Mike said, "Get back in your car" and we did what teachers do-- we positioned ourselves in between the two parties-- and the driver's friend entered the scene now, with an unlit cigarette in his mouth (flipped the wrong way)  and the young guy looked at my friend Mike, who's pretty big, and said, "Where did you guys come from?" and Mike said, "Get back in your car" and then the strange thing happened-- the young driver opened his wallet and flashed a card or something and said, "You're lucky I didn't kick all your asses! I'm a NAVY Seal" and then he jumped back in his car and drove away . . . but he was sort of pear shaped for a young guy and he didn't really look like a Navy SEAL at all . . . and then the middle aged guy, who had walked into the restaurant, poked his head out and said, "Thanks guys" and then the other two guys we were with, who were in the bathroom and missed everything (isn't that always the case?) came outside and we got to tell them the whole story (and I thank Mike for sending me the details for this sentence, because I missed the beginning of the exchange because I was just sort of spacing out).


Ms. LaPointe said...

Mike = MJ? I love how you describe him as being pretty big... "Mr. S. is big enough to scare off a Navy Seal" will be the new rumor 'round school in the fall.

Igor said...

I'm not sure Navy SEALs walk around telling people they're Navy SEALs. Circus seals do, though.

I just like the logic that if the SEAL's dick had been bigger, the middle-aged guy would have gladly sucked it. You really need to think through your comebacks, people.

Dave said...

Mike=MJ. he is pretty big. and pretty brave too!

wow-- i didn't follow that logic through. a very queer deduction there igor.

d-train said...

i agree w/igor - seals don't go tellin people their bidness...i should know. i am one.

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