The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a bit long for a thriller, but every time it slowed down, it was for a good reason-- and it's moody Swedish setting and byzantine layers make it more than a genre book . . .it's far better than The Da Vinci Code, though it shares some of it's themes: I give it nine dead and mangled cats out of ten (also, there's something compelling about reading an author's last works-- Stieg Larsson, Swedish magazine editor and expert on right wing and Nazi organizations, wrote this trilogy of novels and then dropped dead of a heart attack at age fifty, before he could enjoy his international fame . . . why does that make the book better?)


Whitney said...

Didn't you once have a pattern of reading a book right before the author died?

Greasetruck said...

i killed graham greene in college.

i also killed johnny cash, he died the day after i first played one of his songs to my english class.

Whitney said...

There's a song in that.

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