For two weeks at Sea Isle City, we watched the same odd scene enacted over and over in front of the life guard stand: the same burly blond wild man would emerge from the ocean, perhaps by kayak, perhaps not, run towards the stand and do his signature move, a forward roll/flip (no mean feat for a guy this size) and then he would talk for a moment or two to the cute female lifeguards, but soon enough he would erupt into a dance/karate routine, complete with moves running from the crane to the sprinkler to the spin and hair flick-- and I have to remind you that this is a big guy, shaggy haired and burly-- and he would continue the dance routine for a number of minutes, one time even dancing his way backwards into the ocean until he disappeared . . . and our kids thinks he lives in the ocean (Poseidon's retarded son?) but we can't figure what his story is, but it has been an added amusing bonus for vacation, and I'll miss him if we're at a different beach next year.


Esoderic said...

This beats the forty-year-old man with blond bowl-cut hair, cargo jeans, a black tank top and black gloves power-walking down route 22 while thrusting his jazz hands into the air. I was glad traffic stopped so I could watch him longer because it was so ridiculously amusing.

Dave said...

it all makes me want to become an un-self-conscious eccentric public dancing moron. the last day there we saw him hanging out with the guy lifeguards. then he doesn't dance.

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